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At the bottom of the cup laid a slim layer of tea, still warm, still dark. Peering into its depths and past the rim, the liquid seemed calmed and being able of the utmost patience, having the ability to sit there and wait for as long as there was time in order to achieve that […]

Sin Smog

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De cuando en cuando uno de mis alumnos llega hasta la página en cuya esquina inferior derecha se cuela una foto aérea de Santiago y sin smog. Yo me callo y sigo con la actividad –tengo prohibido revelar mi nacionalidad en la escuela. De cuando en cuando uno de mis alumnos nota la imagen, se […]


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I don’t seem to remember a time when I had gone so far up the stairs of a building, but there I was trying not to step on the cracks that crawled to the walls and the ceiling, hoping I would make it back to the ground in one piece without having the building trembling […]

One last time

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The night had engulfed the atmosphere once again; as a wave would return to the shore, the darkness and the cold turned into silence once more –there had been sparks when the noise was a translation of the metal dragged onto the asphalt. In the distance, a vibrant sound of an engine buzzed past the […]


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La siguiente es una entrada antigua, de mi blog antiguo. En ella doy cuenta de esa primera realización de costumbre en este país que me ha acogido por más de seis años ya:     Todavía recuerdo mi sorpresa  cuando por vez primera oí que en chino con una misma sílaba se puede llamar a un caballo […]

I walk in the cold

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I went to work. I ventured into the darkened evening to teach a class I never want to teach, a class nobody wants to attend to, a class no one attended to. I waited in the classroom for over an hour and now I go out:     I walk slower than normal; I have […]


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El siguiente es un poema de mi primer poemario, “Anémonas Mitocondriales”:     Festines   Mordí de nervios tus uñas sempiternas mientras las sembrabas furiosas en mi sangrante espalda abierta a mares como bocas, violentos gruñidos crepusculares. Mordí de nervios los labios tuyos besamos los ojos del fuego en el espejo, que nos consumía calmo, fastuoso […]

Decision bearing

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I was raised by my grandparents, mostly.   I remember I must have been nine years old and it must have been a summer’s Sunday afternoon. My grandparent’s home always sheltered more people on weekends in their house; two large tables were sometimes required to contain all the members of the extended family who would […]