One last time

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The night had engulfed the atmosphere once again; as a wave would return to the shore, the darkness and the cold turned into silence once more –there had been sparks when the noise was a translation of the metal dragged onto the asphalt. In the distance, a vibrant sound of an engine buzzed past the scene, it was absorbed into decay.


The silence had returned and the night was whole again. Shaking did the woman took a faint step forward but h legs gave in and fell like rocks in a polluted river. Having no words to say, she slowly crawled through the debris.



There it laid:


A twisted sculpture of a once vehicle, stoically represented what was hidden in her heart; torn ends of the car sprung from the window frames, shredded seat belts hung on the steering wheel. From the top of a sharpened metallic splinter, dripped the blood of the unfortunate man. She did finally stand up and took a few steps around the scrap –an arm had been almost completely detached from the pierced torso and the steam coming from its muscles and fat raised in the silent night. There was no one coming yet, silence was all there it was.


Sole witness of the blaring crash, Violet took her phone from her purse and dialed a sequence of numbers that would not connect her with anyone else; from where she stood, the open eyes of the forsaken driver looked deep into hers and in her heart nothing mattered anymore.


Minutes passed while she tried to remember of how to use her phone and slowly, a crowd of faceless people gathered besides her and around the battered car. She had been standing there, baffled for an incommensurable amount of time, she forgot of the child that had walked past her side and called her attention just as the thunderous collision occurred in front of her.


Where had he gone to, had he been real? She would never be able to find the answer to these questions and in that afternoon by the lake when back in her hometown, she remembered, that was the night she should have died –she looked back one more time into the forest, as if she could see what was behind the foliage and into her parents’ home.


A flock of black birds flew past her head and against the sunlight and the blue sky. A gentle breeze entertained the surface of the water and swayed the treetops to a melody only they could hear.


She looked back one last time before jumping into the blue water while the sun pierced into her also blue eyes, also, for the last time.


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